Reasons to join

The Association of Tourism Practitioners of Nigeria (ATPN) is a fun place to belong. Your primary aim of doing business in the tourism space is to make profit and we help our members achieve this objective by delivering value in key areas of your business operations from Networking opportunities to education, we help you maintain credibility and exposure via our various medium. Why don't you join us to build the tourism industry that will work for all of us? Together, we can achieve more!

Credibility & Value

ATPN delivers value to members businesses by engaging in partnerships with corporate oganisations to negotiate business deals in favour of members businesses in areas such as banking, insurance, media etc. Furthermore, displaying the ATPN logo in your marketing collateral will acknowledge that you have been vetted and certified by the association as a provider of quality tourism services – providing assurance to local and international buyers. In addition, our bonding of members provides clients and members assurance that your company is in a position to guarantee a refund on pre-tour deposits should you or another member be placed under involuntary insolvency.

Networking & Business Leads

ATPN members benefit from extensive networking opportunities through our networking events all year round, allowing members to establish relationships with their counterparts across the industry, connecting accommodation suppliers, airline operators, wholesalers, transport providers, journalists, publications, and other tourism related products.

These networking events provides members a credible platform to transact and generate business leads while connecting with leading industry figures and prospective clients.

Lobbying & Advocacy

ATPN represents its members and tourism interests at the highest levels with government agencies on policies affecting tourism development and competitiveness of Nigeria as a destination. The association also work with tourism authorities and legislators to champion members’ interests  by ensuring that we have a legislative and fiscal framework conducive to growing a sustainable tourism industry. We engage in ongoing interaction with Federal and State governments to ensure optimum return on investment to our members in marketing their destinations.

Member Discounts & Special Rates

With the power of numbers, ATPN is able to negotiate discounts with industry stakeholders across all platforms on behalf of members. The association also negotiates special rates for members with industry partners like hotels, transporters, insurance companies, banks etc.

ATPN also have exclusive partnerships with some industry partners like media houses for members to enjoy from and this adds value to their businesses.

Market Access & Exposure

ATPN offers members exposure and access to global markets via our highly optimized website. Our website carries member company listings and benefits from a search engine optimisation with visitors from across the world.

In partnership with West Africa Tourism Organisation (WATO), ATPN participates in Regional and International roadshows to create market access for our members. These roadshows are only open to our members and selected industry partners.

In addition, the various travel & tourism Tradeshows ATPN attends provides members the opportunity to exhibit at discounted rates. An example is our partnerships with WATO and WTM where we secure a stand and offer spaces at discounted rates to our members. Details for participation in these tradeshows are advertised through the ATPN website and marketing materials.

Information & Education

The ATPN website and newsletter provides an interactive platform for members to get informed as well as share information and updates between themselves. Members’ specific news is distributed to other members and the public via the newsletter allowing members to get product information out and fast to the industry.

ATPN Webinars, seminars, workshops and the member issue driven Annual conferences with quality speakers on topic of relevance provides a good platform to co-learn in a familiar atmosphere with your peers in the industry. Furthermore, our quarterly FAM trips to destinations of interest across the country will ensure you stay up to date with happenings in these destinations for optimal value delivery to your clients.

Wouldn’t you rather join us to enjoy these benefits and more? To apply for ATPN Membership complete the basic application form here

We look forward to welcoming you onboard as we work together to promote our fascinating Nigeria!

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