ATPN Member Bonding

All ATPN Members participate in ATPN Bonding program, which offers consumers protection and peace of mind in the event of a member company's bankruptcy,  insolvency or cessation of business.  Bonding provides clients and members assurance that an ATPN member company is in a position to guarantee a refund on pre-tour deposits should any member be placed under involuntary insolvency. ATPN Full Members carry the “ATPN Bonded” Member logo on their printed materials and/or websites, indicating their participation in the ATPN Bonding Program.

ATPN Bonding Program is created to deal with losses incurred by any ATPN member or customers of an ATPN member, as a result of that member being placed under involuntary liquidation. These losses are defined as the amount paid for services to a service provider and/or the reimbursement of any deposits. Any loss insured by any other existing policy are excluded.

Services are defined as accommodation, travel arrangements, tour operators and the like, entertainments tickets, entry fees booked by the service provider on behalf of the client for provision of services. Service provider is defined as any company, excluding associated or subsidiary companies, with whom the member has entered into an agreement to provide services and may include other members.


In addition to the bonding program, all ATPN members are required to hold valid insurance policies related to their various areas of practice. Holding these insurance policies will further strengthen confidence in the member’s professionalism.

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