Application process

To apply for ATPN membership, please follow the 3 simple steps below. If you have any questions, you can contact us for assistance on 08099996574 or send a mail to 

Membership of ATPN is open to any tourism business/practitioner in Nigeria that has been in business for one year or more, which complies with the requirements for Membership.

ATPN has four levels of membership as follows:





One-off registration fee

One-off registration fee

One-off registration fee

One-off registration fee

Annual Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee





Step 1

  • On the ATPN website ( click on “JOIN ATPN” or “BECOME A MEMBER
  • Complete the displayed form and click on “Continue
  • Fill the next page which provides us with your basic information in order to create an online profile for your company. Click the “Submit” button.
  • Depending on your business category, you would need to attach the basic required documents to your application
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your login details. You will need to change your password at a later date once your membership is approved.

Step 2

  • Upon receipt of your application form, a membership manager will contact you to discuss your application and demand for any further documentation where necessary.
  • You will receive an invoice from the ATPN accounts department for the One-off application & Annual Membership fee (Including VAT) according to your membership level as outlined above.
  • Once we receive your payment and have all the correct documentation, we will activate your membership and notify you via email.

Step 3

  • Once your membership is active on the ATPN website, you will receive your ATPN certificate and membership number by email
  • The membership manager will contact you directly to supply you with the appropriate ATPN logo for your use on your website and other marketing collateral.
  • You will also receive the instructions on how to populate your mini website (Profile) on the ATPN website.

QED! You will be live on the ATPN platform. Join us now!

We understand that this might seem like an onerous process, but for us to guarantee buyers and trade that you are a credible business, it is important that we do thorough due diligence.

The good news is that your yearly review will be a simpler process with only those documents that have expired (e.g. Insurance Compliance, licences etc) required again. The system will also be automatically populated with all your information and you will just need to make any required changes and sign off.

The information you provide also assists us to offer better service to you – i.e. indicating your list of target markets allows us to share relevant market access opportunities in those markets.

Please NOTE that part of the online process is your signature to state full adherence to the ATPN Code of Conduct and Legal Compliance. This includes awareness of regulatory requirements applicable to your business type.

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