Code of conduct

All members of ATPN (“Members”) are required to comply with the association’s code of conduct as contained in the constitution. ATPN fosters trust in her members, and its code of conduct requires members to adhere to the highest standards in the industry. Top among the code is the principle of ethical conduct, which requires members to conduct business according to a set of professional standards which include representing all facts, conditions and requirements relating to products and services truthfully and accurately.

Truth in presentation requires that members advertise and quote prices which are totally deliverable; accurately identify facilities, accommodations and services; and communicate any substitutions promptly to the travel agent and/or their client.

Members must also demonstrate ethical and financial responsibility in their business conduct in order to instill confidence in their financial stability, reliability and integrity.

Any dispute that may arise between a member and a clients, members and members, members and the general public shall be settled using terms and conditions as set out in the code of conduct and the constitution and or memorandum of incorporation of the association.



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