What is ATPN

Integrity | Credibility | Value

ATPN represents  the Benchmark of Quality Tourism in Nigeria.”

Association of Tourism Practitioners of Nigeria (ATPN) is a member-driven professional, voluntary trade association founded in 1990 with the primary purpose of promoting domestic and inbound tourism to Nigeria. The association promotes integrity and offers domestic and inbound tourism services companies the highest level of quality in the tourism industry.

ATPN was founded by a small group of practitioners concerned about quality of the tourism industry in Nigeria and the need for a unified voice to protect the traveling public, as well as to represent the interests of tourism practitioners. ATPN is a national body with state chapters all across Nigeria.

What is ATPN & What does it stand for? 

  • ATPN is a member-driven credibility association that strives to set the highest standards in the Tourism Industry
  • ATPN strives to maintain three key qualities on her member: Credibility, Value and Integrity.
  • Using an ATPN member provides peace of mind for those who seek to do business with credible tourism partners
  • Members undergo a strict registration process and are required to sign and agree to abide by a Code of Conduct.

Our purpose & objectives are:

  • To promote the development of domestic and inbound tourism to Nigeria
  • To provide international buyers with quality advice and references to assist them in making an informed decision in their selection of suppliers
  • To provide our members with key services and benefits as well as representation at local, regional and international trade shows and conferences
  • To lobby on issues that impact members’ businesses and profitability
  • To lobby and cooperate with government and her various agencies in developing favourable policies for the development of sustainable tourism industry.
  • To establish, invest and/or fund viable and sustainable tourism projects in collaboration with government and the private sector.
  • To liaise with states in developing community tourism and facilitate the transfer of tourism assets to community ownership with state and federal government supervision.
  • To provide our members with support and advice in time of need as well as assisting with crisis management and communication.

To be the most recognised and sought-after endorsement of good business practice and tourism policy issues in the Nigerian tourism industry.

To be a dynamic grouping of quality tourism services providers and policy contributors throughout Nigeria.


ATPN’s membership composition includes:

  • Tour operators & Tourist guides
  • Accommodation establishments
  • Airlines & Air charter providers
  • Attractions and monuments
  • Boat operators & Cruise lines
  • Conference & Event organisers
  • Tourism & Hospitality training institutes
  • Public Relations & Marketing organisation
  • Recreational centers & Parks
  • Vehicle/Car hire companies
  • Creative Industry practitioners
  • Artistes and Artisans
  • Visa & Passport Services providers
  • Insurance & Financial services providers
  • Legal services providers
  • And all other tourism related services providers

ATPN provides support to members who require key services and benefits on a local and regional level, and at international trade shows. The organisation ensure constant lobbies on issues associated with and affecting the inbound and domestic tourism industry.

To ensure credibility and trust in the marketplace, ATPN established a BONDING SCHEME (a consumer protection scheme to provide guarantees against deposits and payments held with an ATPN member), guaranteeing its quality assurance role in the Nigerian tourism industry. Under this scheme, members are bonded with third-party indemnity, ensuring financially sound relationships when using them as suppliers.

ATPN members also adhere to a strict code of ethical conduct and are required to submit documentation pertaining to their business annually so that the association can verify they are indeed running a healthy business that can be recommended to international business partners.

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