Membership Requirements

To become a member of ATPN, a prospective member shall have the endorsement and/or recommendation of two existing members in ‘good standing’ from at least 2 levels of membership. All members are required to submit various forms that ensure their operational integrity, allowing ATPN to confidently recommend them as a credible provider of domestic and inbound tourism services.

An application form and membership fees will be required to join ATPN.  Potential members need to be provide both, while the following documents will be needed to join (depending on the type of company applying):

  1. Company Registration Certificate:
    :: Corporate – CAC certificate of Incorporation or certificate of business registration in the case of a business name
    :: A Trust – Trustees Certificate from the CAC and the Constitution of the Trust
    :: Partnership – Certificate of Business Registration alongside an affidavit signed by all partners confirming their consent to join ATPN.
    :: A sole proprietorship – Certificate of business registration from CAC 
  2. Special Control Unit against Money Laundering (SCUML) certificate of clearance (Where applicable)
  3. ID of the person nominated as the Voting Representative for ATPN
  4. Proof of residency and work permit if the Voting Representative is not a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  5. Members must be more than one (1) year in operation
  6. A physical visit to your office for inspection will be conducted.
  7. Insurance Compliance – Evidence that your business is properly insured. Your insurer/broker provides this on their letterhead so that it is a legal document. This may not be required if you are not dealing directly with tourists or visitors.
  8. Third-Party Insurance and Legal Compliance – This is to ensure that any vehicle(s) you hire have the correct amount of Passenger Liability Insurance, Licenses and Operating Licence and are well maintained. This is only applicable to members that hire vehicles
  9. Operating Licenses and Insurance for the vehicles which you own and use to transport tourists
  10. Proof of a physical address of place for conduscting business. It may be a home office or normal external office. We just want to be sure people can find you when they need to see you.

These requirements are not exhaustive and can be amended according changes to the operating environment from time to time.


An industry partner member sells goods directly to the public and provides non-tourism services to the tourism industry or seeks access to tourists serviced by ATPN members.  ATPN grants industry partners some membership benefits but are not eligible to vote or be voted for into any ATPN position. Entities under industry partners may include:

Tourism Boards, Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government, Banks and other Financial Institutions, Souvenir merchants, Accessories dealers, Recruitment Agencies etc.


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