An ATPN Member is defined as a tourism and allied services operator/practitioner that conducts business in Nigeria, promoting domestic and inbound tourism and has been in business for at least one (1) year.

To join ATPN you need to:

  • Be an active stakeholder in the Travel & Tourism Industry
  • Be referred to the membership by two of our current member, who you can use as your proposers. The proposers must be a director or principal of the member company. He or she must be willing to confirm that the applicant is well known to them and a suitable candidate for membership. If you do not know any of our existing member, you can contact the secretariat for assistance and consideration.
  • If you are an operating business, you will need to have been trading for at least a year, have a live website and social media handles.
  • Finally, all applications MUST meet our current ATPN Membership Requirements before membership is accepted.

Personal Information