Nigeria Tourism Triumph Joining UNWTO Executive Council & Emerging as Commission for Africa (CAF) Vice President

Exciting news! The Nigerian tourism industry is gearing up for an incredible rebound, as the Federal Republic of Nigeria claims a spot on the prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Executive Council. This remarkable achievement comes after nearly a decade, marking a triumphant return to the highest echelons of UNWTO! 

But that's not all! Nigeria's rise doesn't stop there. The West African giant has clinched the coveted vice president slot for the Commission for Africa (CAF), joining forces with eleven other African nations to represent the continent's interests on UNWTO's highest decision-making body. 

The UNWTO Executive Council is the powerhouse that ensures the organization stays on track, delivering its mission with unwavering dedication and adhering to its budget.

Folorunsho Coker, the Director General of Nigeria Tourism Development Authority, expressed heartfelt gratitude to fellow members and the esteemed Commission for Africa (CAF) for accepting Nigeria's bid. He envisions tremendous potential in this new role, stating, “With Nigeria’s recognition in the Commission for Africa/UNWTO as vice president and member of the Executive Council, we can deepen the impact of our domestic tourism assets and new mediums of cultural expression on our Nigerian GDP. We hope to support UNWTO Tourism Academy, tourism grants, tourism, technical support, and tourism events.” 

The possibilities are endless as Nigeria embraces its newfound position. This milestone is an incredible opportunity to shine a spotlight on our diverse culture, heritage, and warm hospitality that welcomes the world to our shores! 

This momentous occasion was celebrated during the Commission of Africa Meeting, a prestigious event held annually as part of UNWTO's grand lineup. Mauritius, an enchanting archipelago island country and a long-standing UNWTO member since 1975, had the honor of hosting the event for the second time this July.

Let's join hands and celebrate this thrilling journey of Nigeria's tourism resurgence! Together, we'll showcase our nation's captivating beauty and irresistible allure to the entire world. 

Originally reported by @voyagesafriq

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